The cuticle layer of a plant. The cuticle is a protecive layer covering the outer cell layer. It basically has the same function as our own skin.

Pollen on a flower. In some plants pollen is used so plants can reproduce themselves. In certain flowering plants, they must be cross pollinated in order for fertilization to take place and its own flower to form. Insects do this job for the flowers.

parasitism. The bush I found is a good example of parasitism. The larva found on this bush found it as their host and is benifiting off of it. They are killing off their host while they just keep reproducing.

The purple flower found on this lamb’s ear plant would be considered a modified leaf of a plant. It is an adaption of this plant and has changed it structure.

A human is an heterotroph. We consume other organizims their energy level and much energy is loss between each level. An example would be making our own food. In this picture that is what he is doing, making his own sandwich.