Gibberellins: Gibberellic acid is a natural hormone found in lants that contributes to stem growth, In grapes, the gibberellins assist through the grapevine in reaching up for sunlight.

Autotroph: The algae found on this rock is an autotroph. Autotrophs are producers and synthesize their own fats and proteins using energy from light.

CAM Plant: The CAM plant uses crassulacean acid metabolism to adapt to arid conditions. The pineapple is a CAM Plant as it takes in CO2 at night, converts it to organic acids, and then releases CO2 back into the atmosphere during the day.

Flower Ovary: The Flower Ovary is responsible for the female part of reproduction. The ovary of this flower is the yellow center which eventually becomes the fruit.

Frond: the term frond typically refers to a large and divided type of leaf. The blades of a frond may be simple or complex. This frond would classify as pinnatifid as it is deeply cut but not complexly structured.