A heterotroph is an animal that can not produce its own food. So therefore a horse would be a heterotroph. Other heterotrophs include humans, mammals, and predators.

An orchid is a CAM plant that sues Crassulacean acid metabolism to help the plant adapt to arid conditions. CAM plants usually have thick leaves, so therefore, a pineapple would also be a CAM plant.
This is a blurry picture of a spider killing a moth. The spider is killing the moth for its own benefit so this is the perfect example of parasitism. parasitism is a symbiotic relationship between two organisms.
This plant displays Radial symmetry because theis symmetrical from the center point radiating out. Radial symmetry is also found in sea creatures like jellyfish and sea stars.
This is a plant that is currently undergoing photosynthesis. An autotroph is a plant that can produce its own food. This one is producing its own food through photosynthesis.