This picture of a flower is an example of pollen. The pollen is the little yellow specks on the hot pink part of the flower. Pollen is extremely important to reproduction of a flower because it contains the microgametophytes, which produces the male gametes.


This picture is an example of an anther and filament of stamen. The stalk in the middle is the filament, and the anther is attatched to the tip of the filament. They are both important to the stamen, which is the pollen producing reproductive organ of a flower,


This picture of an ant is an example of an exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is important because it supports and protects the ant's body.



This picture is an example of a segmented body. Wasps have segmented bodies, which is important for the different regions of the body to develop for different uses.


This photo of a rock is an example of lichen. The lichen can be used as a food source for animals, or as a nutrient for the soil.