These trees starts off as seeds in the dirt and have grown stage by stage into big, towering arbors. Which means that they are the result of Succession!

Adaptation of an Animal!

This little guy is exhibiting his adaptations to nature! He has evolved to where he can blend in with his surroundings, making it hard for predators to find him and gobble him up! Therefore, this is an adaptation that serves to keep him safe.

Gymnosperm Cone!

This pine cone is the perfect example of a gymnosperm cone. Because the “seeds develop either on the surface of scale- or leaf-like appendages of cones,” it is a gymnosperm cone.


This leafy plant is an autotroph! Because it makes it’s own sustenance by using energy from the sun, it is a producer, therefore an autotroph.


Here is moi exhibiting characteristics of homeostasis. Because it is hot, my body perspires in order to cool down and maintain my internal temperature. Therefore, it is acting on account of homeostasis!

…Although, it was still really hot. My drink didn’t help me either.


P.S. I didn’t know we had to include an item of ours in the pictures in order to prove that they’re original. So, I’ll start doing that from Week 2 and on!