The egg in the first picture is an amniotic egg in that it’s shelled in which in embryo (baby chick in this case) develops within a fluid filled sac and is nourished by yolk.  The tree is an autotroph because it does not need to consume other organisms for food- it uses the sunlight to create its own food.  The big yellow flower has things sticking out of it with brown tips; the tip is called anther and the stick-like thing holding it up is called the filament.  Together they make the stamen- the pollen producing reproductive organ of a flower.  The bee is a pollinator because it transfers pollen from plant to plant or from the stamen to the carpel (male part to female part) of a plant.  The white fuzzy thing is a cotton wood seed (or so my dad says).  It disperses from the tree via wind.  The dog is a heterotroph because it can’t make its own food- it needs to eat other organisms to survive.