Coco Voreis exhibits animal adaptation by obviously adapting to sitting on my kitchen counter and being a photogenic little princess. While housecats generally adapt to living in the suburbs, bigger cats in the same family probably wouldn’t. They prefer the jungle.

This tree in my front yard has gone through succession. It started as plain dirt, progressed to a pathetic little shrub, went through its awkward teenage-tree phase where is was too skinny and everyone made fun of it for being interested in graphic design and being on the robotics team, and finally progressed to this big, robust tree that is now making a ton of money & has a really hot wife.

This lovely plant in my front yard shows mutualism because there is a disgusting, evil little bee sucking delicious nectar from the flowers. The camera didn’t really pick it up, and I also refused to get any closer because I am absolutely terrified of bees. The bee gets food from the flower and then transfers pollen.

This bush in my front yard has leaves that are covered with cuticle layers. Cuticle layers are waxy coverings of the plant that protect it. Once again, I could not get very close because there was a huge wasp flying around this bush, and sista don’t mess with wasps.

This is my really awesome, really pale, baby hand. It is covered with skin, which consists of a layer called the dermis. This layer is the connective tissue of the skin.