Seed Dispersal- Dandelion(: It can transfer seeds through wind.

C3 Plant- Apple(: An apple is a plant that utilizes the C3 carbon fixation pathway as the sole mechanism to convert CO2 into an organic compound.
Flower Ovary(:

Flower Ovary(: It's a female reproductive organ which is the part of the pistil which holds the ovule.

Autotroph- Plant(:
Autotrophs- Plants(:  Plants are able to make energy-containing organic molecules from inorganic raw material by using basic energy sources like sunlight.

Heterotroph- Animal(: My friend's dog, Char Char, is an organism that requires organic substrates to get its carbon for growth and development. I used to be scared of dogs, but I'm not scared anymore after being with Char Char for a few day!:D

P.S.  Sorry I am late for this, I didn’t expect to come home late for camping:{