Autotroph – Grass is an autotroph. Plants are able to create their own food, organic substances, from inorganic substances, such as the energy from the sun.
Flower Ovary – The bulbous part of the rose underneath the petals is the ovary. A plant’s ovary protects the ovules that are waiting to be fertilized by pollen.
Seed Dispersal [Animal] An apple is an example of how plants attempt to spread their seeds via animals. Animals eat the fruit, and the seeds are dispersed elsewhere after passing through the digestive system.
Gymnosperm Cone – A Pinecone is an example of a gymnosperm cone, in which the seeds are exposed in such open structures. Gymnosperm means “naked seed.”
Anther & Filament – The anther of this Crape Murtle flower bears the pollen of the flower to be used in reproduction, the filament supports the anther. Both can be found around the center of each flower.

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