Wow! This book really gave me a bit of paranoia about viruses and other germs in the world. The story is extremely interesting and I found that I literally couldn’t take my eyes off of the page! Before reading any part of this book, I had never heard of the Marburg virus and I had very little idea of the severe damage that can be caused by Ebola. I was shocked to see that Ebola had been around for so long and the statistics of fatality were rather shocking as well. I am happy to say that the author has provided me with perfect imagery of the effects of these viruses and I believe I have gained a respectable amount of knowledge from them. I was not aware of how a person could catch Ebola or the speed in which the virus begins to take its toll on its host. The fact that these viruses (especially Ebola) are so lethal and there has been no cure found greatly frightens me. Why hasn’t the government or any medical practitioner for that matter stressed the danger of the viruses and made it known to the public that they are focused on finding a cure? What would we do if there was an Ebola outbreak in the U.S ? How would we handle it? Why did the government save Mayinga’s blood samples? Wouldn’t it be better to destroy them in order to ensure that the virus would no longer have a chance of spreading? I really enjoy this book so far and I am intrigued by the information given by the author. I cannot wait to see what happens next!