First off, I have to acknowledged the graphic details of this book. I had no prier knowledge of these diseases and the images that this book held were disturbing on almost every level. It makes me rethink touching anything that I don’t usually handle. I could never have the job of one of those scientist especially Nancy who had children and a husband at home waiting for her. Not to mention, she went back into that specific field again! It is really quite disturbing to know that there is a disease in the world that can literally tear the inside of your body apart. If this is not bad enough, there is really no cure and it puts you in an extremely unimaginable amount of pain. This can be scary enough to read but when you realize that the government hasn’t told us about these diseases it makes it even worst. If the disease resembles rabies, then couldn’t it be somewhat contained as rabies is? Along with that thought, did the government at least get rid of  the samples? What if something happened and those viruses got into the public? And what did they do with the people on the plane that were near the horrible death? What did they do with the plane?? How did the doctor live when he got infected with the same thing that Monet did? And why was it that Nancy wasn’t more careful with the cut on her hand. I know that she was in a space suit thing but still, accidents happen like they did to her and why did she not try to put more than just a band-aid over it? Lastly, what would we do if something happened like this in epic proportions? Has the government learned and have they come up with something that could help us if there was a situation of this measure?