I would first like to start off saying this book is very graphic and detail oriented.  It made me a little sick to my stomach.  This book reminded me of the overly vivid episodes of the television show House that I elect not to watch!  The fact that this story is true is the most frightening part of this book.  I cannot believe that mankind itself had no prior historical knowledge of the Ebola and Marburg viruses and the fact that these lethal viruses could remain dormant until a 1970s camping trip in Africa does not really make sense.  Could the Marburg virus have been the Black Plague?   I had no idea the severity that surrounded these viruses.  When reading the book, it was frightening to think about a virus that kills nine out every ten people it comes in contact with, and to have this a reality and actual fact is terrifying.   I had no prior knowledge of the Ebola or Marburg virus, which is concerning to me.  These viruses are extremely deadly and the fact that this African epidemic was not more highly publicized is ridiculous.  I cannot believe that our government did not inform the public about the dangers of these viruses.  I commend the scientist that did the research about Ebola in D.C.  I know I would not have been able to do that!  This virus takes over its host so quickly and sounds like the most gruesome way to die.  Its effects on the host’s vital organs and the way that the host drowns in his/her own blood and that blood loss is so quick and uncontrollable is awful, not to mention black vomit.  It amazes me that the same virus can be transmitted through blood but also through air.  How do you contain something that has contaminated the most essential resource to human life?  I have no idea what the U.S. would do if this epidemic had crossed the Atlantic Ocean.  Do we even have a plan if an epidemic as horrific as this was to overcome the U.S.?  This also makes me wonder if an epidemic such as this one is the reason for the various shots one must get before traveling abroad to Africa. I also do not understand that during the expedition in the Kitum Cave how did the scientists rule out the virus being carried in other animals such as jungle cats?  So far I like the book but I’m not really sure where it’s headed or how exactly they contain the epidemic.