I think that The Hot Zone is a fascinating book about how people are catching the Ebola Virus or they think it’s the Marburg Virus and no one is knowing what to do with them. I find it crazy how people can just catch it and the doctors do not know  what to do with them. The reading was very detailed how they were describing the black and red vomit with the red eyes. How the people felt when they were attacked with the virus. What I have learned from this book is how quickly the virus can spread from one human being to another. For instance, if you have a slight cut and the blood of a victim seeps through then you can catch it very quickly. I learned that the doctors who are trying to figure out this deadly disease keep thinking that different animals have something to do with it, like monkeys. They refer also to the Marburg virus because they think it is the same thing, but apparently the Ebola Virus does more brain damage. I find it crazy how the doctors keep having patients with this virus but have no cure what so ever for the patients. Their choices are dying or dying and that is it. Questions I still have, it seems like it is taking them a while to find a cure will they ever find it? Why haven’t they
found an exact source to the Ebola? Why can’t they stop the spreading of the Ebola? Why is the Ebola so easy to get? These are the questions I have and are hoping to get answered. I really do think this is a wonderful book and I am so glad that we are reading this. It is very factual and entertaining!