It may sound a little corrupt, but my favorite thing about this book is how detailed and graphic the description of the virus’ are. This book kept me wanting to read more between the events of Monet’s journey to Africa and the search in the cave of what caused them to get the disease. Also, the really close call with Nancy scared me! I don’t get why she didn’t take more caution because she knew what she was getting into. I don’t think  I would ever be able to go into that field of research. Imagine going into work everyday with a chance of dying, and leaving a family behind. Also, when Monet was on the plane, I don’t get why people weren’t super concerned about him. I think just from how he looked they might have tried to do something different. There are still some things i want to know, like where and what did this originate from? Why didn’t they find anything in the cave? Why were the monkeys from across the room effected if they were the control group? Does it travel through air?  Why do a handful of people not catch it?