I really enjoyed Part one of The Hot Zone. I was morbidly fascinated by the effects of the virus as well as enthralled by the personal stories of those who experienced it, like Johnson and Nancy Jaxx. The idea of a virus like Ebola spreading is almost unreal to me, and to learn of how easily the virus could destroy the human race is terrifiying. I learned how the United States as well as African nations respond to crises such as the one in Africa, and I think that their reactions and their policies of withholding information about such a destructive disease are justified. It’s scary to think of how easily you could accidentally become infected, and it’s also frightening to think of how the disease spread through hospitals where people were seeking help and refuge. So far, I’m really enjoying this book and I honestly can’t wait to read more tonight and tomorrow. I still don’t know if they will find the source or the host of the Ebola virus, and I still anticipate what future lies for Nancy Jaxx. I can’t wait to find out!