This book is one of those books where once you start reading, you can’t stop. The imagery in this book is incredible; all the vivid descriptions of the symptoms of the Marburg virus make it easy to picture in your head. All the graphic details of what was happening to Monet were probably my favorite part of this section. This book reminded me of the movie Outbreak because the virus in the movie originated from african monkeys as well and was just as difficult to contain. Although I had some prior knowledge on the Ebola virus, I was unaware of its severity. It is crazy to think about what you would do if you or or one of your loved ones contracted the virus knowing that the survival rate is only 10%. Going through all that pain would be unbearable and not being able to come in contact with people when you’re about to die would be horrible. I don’t understand why Nancy was so careless when dealing with the blood samples, knowing that she could contract it in a heartbeat and devastate her family. I also don’t understand why these viruses aren’t more publicized by the government or why there hasn’t been more research done to prevent this from happening again. I think they should put some sort of restriction for humans to enter Kitum Cave and make sure they check for infected animals before shipping them somewhere. What would they do if this entered the U.S. I wonder what would happen if these viruses weren’t contained until later and if they have the potential to wipeout the human population. It’s crazy to think that this is a true story and could very well happen again.