The Hot Zone has been a very interesting read! It definitely is a book that once I start reading I can not put it down. The Ebola virus is a very serious matter and this book has helped me to realize that. The story about Charles Monet was very surprising to me as I watched him get infected by a mysterious virus. The author uses very vivid imagery as he describes the bloody throw up and the insides of Monet’s organs rotting. Preston does a very good job of  portraying the virus as a monster attacking the human race. I learned that the virus is extremely dangerous because it is able to spread so quickly. I was very shocked about the strand that became airborne in the monkey cage. I learned though that any interaction at all with the Ebola virus can be lethal. My question is how do these stories tie together and will there be a major epidemic that devastates a large portion of Africa? I am thankful that this book is one I find interesting and i can’t wait to see what happens next.