I couldn’t put the book down after I started reading it. I always wanted to know what was going to happen next or who was infected or how the scientists were going to control the situation.  The phrase ,”we really don’t know much about Marburg,” was really scary in that lethal diseases such as Ebola may still be hiding from discovery.  The monkey traders that released sick monkeys then recaptured them for selling was disgusting because they could potentially beset on the human race a virus that kills 9 out of 10 and not even realize it. The details of what Ebola can do while describing the scientific aspects in easy to understand ways really made the book enjoyable.  The near contaminations and contractions of the diseases were terrifying and ominous, and the descriptions of what the diseases cause their victims to suffer were sickening and rather scary to imagine.  I didn’t know anything about Ebola except that it came from Africa before reading the book, and I didn’t realize that viruses such as HIV and AIDS may have come from animals in close contact.  I didn’t think that a virus could attack all bodily tissues with such verocity.  I understand that one may be hit more severely than others, but the entire body was devastated after the initial headache begins.  I don’t understand how scientists discovered that Ebola is made of seven proteins, but can’t identify them all.  How can they know that it is made of seven if they don’t even know what half of the proteins are?  How could scientists contain Marburg or Ebola if it became airborne? How many women neglected their jobs or families when allowed to work in the pathology unit at USAMRIID?