This is a picture of a starfish which has a radial symmetry.

this leaf has an adapted wax layer on its leaf which helps keep in water during the heat.

these fish are false clown fish which have a batesian mimicry to fool other fish that would normally not eat clown fish.

these gross false food items are mushrooms and they are basidiomycetes because they are fungi that have spores outside that are in the shape of a pedestal.

this is the coolest bird alive his name is clifford and when he spreads his wings he shows his bilateral symmetry.

this is a patatoe which is an example of a c3 plant.

these crab legs are both an example of my dinner as well as an exoskeleton.

this plant is a species of palm and it is an example of a frond.

these pine cones fell on my head reminding me to take a picture of them even on vacation and they are examples of gymnosperm cones.

these are the worst way for seed dispersal especially if you are barefoot but they are effective.

this is a picture after all the wild fires that happened from all the drought we had and the grass is starting to come back as an example of succession.

this chicken egg is an example of a amniotic egg.

i secretly cut up this flower without my mom knowing but my excuse is it is for college to show the anther and filament of a flower.

this plant is a plant is my aquarium that is an examplle of an autotroph.

this cute little guy is a golden dojo loach and he has little wiskers on his mouth to help sense food around him more easily as a good example for an adaptation of an animal.

thesse are two mollies and the orange one is pregnant and is territorial to the log because it provides safety.

this plant has its pollen right by the female parts of the plant so when a pollinater comes to get pollen it might pollinate this plant.

this moth is an example of a pollenator.

thos bottom part of the plant is this plants ovary.

this is my kitty his name is smokey and he is an example of a heterotroph.