This bee is considered a pollinator. A pollinator is an insect or animal that carries pollen from the male anthers to female stigma in order to accomplish fertilization.

This chicken egg is an example of an Amniotic Egg. An amniotic egg is an egg that is produced by reptiles, birds, and mammals in which the embryo develops inside the membrane.

This is the flower ovary. The flower ovary is the female reproductive organ and is located at the very center of the flower.

Gibberellins are found in grapes and many other plants. Gibberellins are plant hormones that influence various development processes and regulate growth. Growers sometimes spray gibberellins on grapes to increase the size and amount of grapes.

Sugar is hydrophilic because it fully dissolves in water. Hydrophilic substances are capable of hydrogen bonding and dissolve easily in water to form homogeneous mixtures.