I am a heterotroph, like every human is! The reason being because I cannot fix carbon and use organic carbon for growth. I must get my means of energy and nutrients from secondary consumption, like eating a juicy watermelon! YUM~

Adaptation of a Plant!

This is a picture of fallen leaves. Trees lose their leaves in order to maintain as much moisture as they possibly can. This is an example of an adaptation of a plant!

Amniotic Egg!

This chicken egg is an example of an amniotic egg. It’s because the egg contains a yolk to nourish the developing organism. Amniotic eggs protect the developing organism, as well as aid in gas and energy exchange.


This is a DELISH lobster awaiting to be devoured by yours truly 😉 It is an example of an organism who has an exoskeleton. Seeing as to how it has a tough, shell exterior to support it and give it structure and its insides are all soft, tender, and yummo!

Connective Tissue!


Were this to be taken in the olden times, they’d think me scandalous!!

My whole body is covered in connective tissue, which is a fibrous tissue that makes up a variety of physical structures including: tendons, blood, cartilage, bone, adipose tissue, and lymphatic tissue.