The Hot Zone is incredible!  I have always been fascinated by viruses, and this book vividly explains how they attack your body.  The detail with which Marburg is described is fascinating and enthralling.  The Hot Zone is truly the type of book that once you pick up, you can’t put down.  As you read, you’re not just being entertained, but you’re learning about a fascinating part of our world that is not widely known.  While reading, I learned that viruses are  living beings that  want to survive and reproduce.  I had never before heard of the term ‘filovirus’ , and I found it fascinating how complex they are.  I learned some precautions that can be taken, to prevent exposure to a hot agent.  I also learned how extremely small a virus is, and how it reproduces very quickly.  I am still curious to see where the next massive outbreak will be,  possibly in the United States?  And if there is, how will the government respond?  Will there be a quarantine?  Will a few be killed, to save the lives of thousands?  I am excited to keep reading.