This book is pretty gross. Although I don’t really enjoy its grotesque subject explained in vivid detail — I’ve gotta say — this book is pretty interesting. The symptoms that Charles Monet experiences are very basic symptoms that I could imagine anyone going through with just an acute illness. However, that is not the case here. Of course this virus just HAD to come from a monkey. It just seems like they’re the hosts of it all, just like in Osmosis Jones. Unfortunately Monet did not make it, but it is a wonder how the doctor was able to survive from the Marburg filovirus. It doesn’t surprise me that they talk about Ebola in this book, for it is a very severe illness that induces many graphic results. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like if I had Ebola. With emphasis on how truly horrible it is, I think I’d rather get hit by a car. OH and Dr. Nancy was VERY careless, I mean, you would think that if you’re a doctor at that level, you would understand the importance of handling blood with an open wound! She’s lucky she didn’t get contaminated, and for that I applaud her. In the book, it seems like access to these deadly viruses comes so easily. Why isn’t anything being done about it? Something so serious should be given attention and action. If too many people get infected, then who’s to say it wouldn’t be a national threat? This book is definitely disturbing, but I shall read on~