This novel is a lot more interesting than I first thought going in to it. Once I began I became engulfed in the detail of scenary and symptoms. Althoug gruesome, Richard Preston’s decription of each symptom makes it easy to envision the victims and better understand the seriousness of the diseases. Preston’s extensive research on the spread of disease, specifically the filoviruses, makes the book not only entertaining, but extremely educational as well. I really enjoyed Preston’s way of tracing Monet’s journey to examine where he contracted the virus and the moments where the virus was spread, such as the plane and hospital. I learned alot about the spread of viruses and how infectious viruses truly are. The part about how planes are a net of viruses and infection to be spread all over the world was eye opening and frankly a little frightening. I am still curious however how a virus can spread from an animal such as a monkey or gorilla to humans. Preston described how HIV began in primates and was possibly tranferred to humans through smugglers caging large about of primates in small spaces however I still do not understand how these viruses can make that species jump.