I found The Hot Zone to be extremely interesting!  I thought this would just be another required reading that I would dread and find boring, but that is not the case with this book.  Once I picked it up I could not stop reading.  I like detailed writing and The Hot Zone has plenty of it.  It uses vivid imagery to describe the mystery and danger of unknown viruses.  It also does a good job at describing the gravity of the situation when people are handling or studying  a hot agent.  This novel also does an excellent job of building suspense and keeps the reader guessing.  In addition to being a great read this book has also taught me about some of the dangerous viruses that exist in nature such as Marburg and Ebola.  I had absolutely no idea that a virus could attack the human body with such ferocity and literally tear it apart from the inside.  Also, I was quite surprised to find out that these “hot” viruses could have such a high kill rate.  It addition to learning about the viruses, I also learned about all the precautions and safety measures scientist must take when dealing with deadly unknown viruses.  I am still waiting to see if the book is going to introduce any other deadly viruses, and I am anxious to see if there is going to be a widespread outbreak of Ebola or Marburg.  If there is a epidemic how are they going to stop it?  And is a cure going to be discovered for Marburg or Ebola.