Is it wrong to say this book brings me great pleasure rather than mortification? The Hot Zone was rather disappointing to me; I had read much about the infamous Ebola virus prior to reading. The hallmark signs of governmental incompetence in regards to handling such delicate matters are not surprising at all, rather in a bit of sense, almost expected. As lethal as the Ebola virus is proclaimed, I feel it is blown out of proportion up to the case of sensationalism and yellow-journalism. It is easier than thought to avoid such a calamity providing one has the right materials and diligence in more developed nations. Albeit, the same thing cannot be said for decadent and impecunious societies. What does surprise me, is that another plague has not already scoured mankind. I daresay it is something short of a miracle there has not been a massive super-bug or virus; but it is inevitable and coming. Is it macabre that I would be excited if such epidemics plague the world? Schadenfreude- no, morbid fascination,- yes.