The Hot Zone is a really interesting book!  I usually fall asleep when i read, but I actually stay awake reading this book!  I really like how the author shows us the biosafety levels at the beginning of the book, so I won’t get confuse when I read about it.  I learned about filovirus, Marburg virus, how extreme amplification happens… Also, I never knew that a veterinarian can be so dangerous studying the diseases in animals, and there is such a career named epidemiologist.  The Level four biocontainment hospital and what they do if they’re exposed to a hot agent sounded really crazy and scary to me.  I am terrified after knowing that a tiny, little virus can be so dangerous and lethal!  There might be some lethal viruses that still exist out there somewhere, what are we going to do if it starts killing people?  Virus can adapt to changing environment unexpectedly, those vaccines might not help anymore one day.  What will the government do it happens?  Scientists have been studying about the viruses for so many years, and there are still no cures for some viruses.  Does that mean that humans can never find out about it?  I am very excited to read this book and learn more about the viruses.