Cuticle layer of a plant is a protective layer covering the outer cell layer of the green aerial parts of land plants. (ex. waxy coating on leaf)

A pinecone is a gymnosperm cone because it comes from a vascular plant that bears naked seeds (seeds not enclosed in specialized chambers).

A niche is an organisms role in its environment, and the ants’ niche is to provide for their queen, find food, and build a shelter depending on the ant (each ant has its own role).

On the not-easily seen anthers in the flower are pollen grains. Pollen contains the male gametophyte and fertilizes flowers.The maggots have bodies divided into segments that may be grouped into larger units with certain functions. Therefore, maggots are animals with segmented bodies.

This plant exhibits tropism in that it shows a growth response that results in whole plant organs curving toward or away from a stimuli, or in this case, sunlight.

Exoskeleton is a hard encasement on the surface of an animal that provides protection and points of attachment for muscles. This bug has an exoskeletion that helps protect its gut.

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