This is an egg sitting on my kitchen table. This egg is an example of an amniotic egg because there is yolk in there to keep da lil behbeh chickee safe and nourished. Unfortunately, the chick will not flourish because our society decided that eggs taste good.

In the wise words of Gwen Stefani, “this [censored] is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.” Uh these are bananas. Bananas contain enzymes. These enzymes react with oxygen and other chemicals and make the bananas this really pretty color of brown. They also get really soft, which in my opinion is absolutely disgusting, but that is irrelevant.

This flower right hurr is called an autotroph. It is an autotroph because it can produce food for itself through photosynthesis. Contrary to flowers, humans can not create their own food. Unless one is stranded on a desert island and resort to drinking one’s own urine or something nasty. Or unless one decides to eat oneself, in which case they are a cannibal & should probably be put into a mental institution or something.

This flower is exposing its ovary to me. The ovary of the flower holds the ovules, which contain the reproductive cells of flowers. Basically, if you want to make little baby flowers, hit up that ovary YA DIG.

The vines growing on the side of the mailbox exhibit commensalism. The vines are benefiting from the mailbox by having a place to grow, and the mailbox is unaffected aside from probably being freaking annoyed that there are some sticky little vines growing on it.