Bananas are considered to be an Enzyme.  An enzyme is a protein that helps to slow down or speed up chemical reactions, yet they stay unchanged.


 This cute picture right here, is two little puppies rough housing around at Petco.  From an early age most animals become aware of territorial behavior.  Although they are just messing around, they are protecting themselves and their territory, from becoming harmed from another being.


 While everyone at Petco giggled and chuckled about these bunnies, I over heard a young girl as her mother “What are those bunnies doing to each other?”  In a more child friendly way the woman explained to her daughter that the bunnies were “mating.”  The mating behavior of the bunny is much like humans because they are mammals as well.


This is an amniotic egg.  An amniotic egg is an egg, obviously, that contains yolk inside in order to aid the development of the organism.  It also helps in the gas and energy exchange for the organism within.


  Unfortunately for the mouse traveling through the snake’s stomach, predation has just occurred.  Predation is when a predator preys on the organism being attacked.  In this situation the predator, the snake, is preying on the mouse.  Poor guy!