Batesian mimicry


This fly is a perfect example of Batesian mimicry. While the fly is a harmless creature, the wasp in which it resembles is far more threatening.  It bears a resemblance to a wasp in order to avoid attacks and its coloration pattern is used to ward off any predators that might try to consume it.



Modified leaf

Plants tend to modify their leaves to improve their survival and adapt to the environment around them. These leaves have taken on a wider shape in order to reach out and collect more sunlight during the day.



The grapes used to make this wine went through the process of fermentation by undergoing the cellular procedure of being broken down by bacteria and experiencing the opposite effect of cellular respiration. After this chemical action, the sugars have been converted into ethyl alcohol and the fermentation is complete.




 Radial symmetry

If this starfish was to be cut through its center in any direction, both halves would remain identical no matter which angle it was cut from. The starfish displays radial symmetry from any piece.


Basidiomycetes are a variety of fungi that reproduce sexually through the creation of spores. This fungus produces spores in order to reproduce all around the trunk of the tree in which it lives off of.