My dog is an example of a heterotroph because it requires me to supply it with the food it needs. Heterotrophs are the consumers of the food chain and are unable to produce their own food, and they obtain their energy requirements by feeding on other organisms or organic matter.

A pineapple is a CAM plant. CAM plants often grow in arid conditions and undergo a form of photosynthesis where they take in carbon dioxide at night to prevent the loss of water during the day.

Olive oil is a hydrophobic substance because it does not mix with water. Hydrophobic substances tend to be non polar and prefer other neutral molecules.

C4 plants are plants where carbon dioxide is first fixed into a compound containing four carbon atoms before entering photosynthesis. C4 plants usually inhibit hot, dry environments, and corn is an example of a C4 plant.


This sand dollar has radial symmetry. An animal or organism that has radial symmetry has regular parts arranged around a central axis.