This lobster is considered to have a segmented body.  Having a segmented body means that you can see the separation of the different segmented parts of the body.


Adam’s kitty is considered to have bilateral symmetry.  This means that it’s bone structure, if parted down the centere owuld be exactly the same as the other side.

Wine is considered to be fermentaion.  It is considered this because the grapes used within the ingredients are taken and through a long process over multiple days are fermented into the alcohol used within wine.


This potato is considered to be a C3 plant.  It is considered this because it can grow in ares thriving in carbon dioxide and lacking oxygen.  Plants that are considered C3 plants typically can grow in ares with moderate temperature and sunlight.


This cute little picture of Adam’s brother modeling his hands is an example of connective tissue.  It is connective tissue because the skin on his hand has a purpose of holding together so that the ligaments inside remain sheilded, it also contributes to the connection of the whole body.