C3 Plant!

This apple is a C3 Plant because it utilizes the C3 carbon fixation pathway as the sole mechanism to convert CO2 into an organic compound. This apple is kinda old, but it’s allll gooood~


Hey thar sweet thaaang, gimme some suga’! Why? Well, because it’s hydrophilic and anything that’s willing to to mix with water bodes well with me! ;D


I wanted to be cool and show that the hydrophobic characteristics of oil wouldn’t touch my cute strawberry ring; however I wasn’t quick enough to realize that dropping in the ring with oil on top would still get it covered with it! WHATEVA’, Oil is hydrophobic because it lacks the affinity for water and doesn’t mix with it.


This fake plant is an example of a frond, which is a large leaf that has many divisions.


This lovely bottle of wine is an example of fermentation. It is the product that comes from the fermentation of grapes. I keep this baby in my secret stash for my more refined, connoisseur type companions ;D Only joking, I have no friends.