CAM Plant

 CAM plants go through a type of photosynthesis in which CO2 is taken up and stored during the night to allow the stomata to remain closed during the day which decreases water loss.

Biological Magnification

 Biological magnification is when substances such as fertilizers or other pollutants get into the water of a lake or other body of water and are eaten by fish. The fish are then eaten by birds or humans. The substances become absorbed into the inner tissues and organs of the organisms which can harm them.

Auxin producing area of a plant

 Auxin is a plant hormone that causes the elongation of cells in shoots and is involved in regulating plant growth. The tomato plant makes its auxin in its shoot apical membrane and the auxin travels downward in the phloem.

Calvin Cycle

 The Calvin cycle is a metabolic pathway found in the stroma of the chloroplast in which carbon enters in the form of CO2 and leaves in the form of sugar.


 An ectotherm is an organism that regulates its body temperature with its surroundings.

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