Here is my niece’s cute wittle hand, which is an example of example of epithelial tissue. It’s made to cover all external and internal body surfaces.

Here is some sugar from my house in our super dandy sugar container. Sugar is an example of a hydrophilic substance because it can dissolve well with water.

Here is some lovely ol’ peanut oil I found in my pantry, Oil is an example of a hydrophobic substance because it is water-resistant and has a neutral charge.

Here is some lettuce, also known as “earth” according to Taylor Ratcliff hahahaa. Anyway, lettuce is a type of long-day plant because it must be exposed to light for a certain amount of time before it can bloom.  

There next to the basketball in my neighbors garage, is a super cute, tiny, wittle baby lizard! I couldn’t put my nail in this pic because I didn’t want it to accidentally touch me! Anyway, a lizard is an example of ectotherm because they can regulate their body temperatures through the surroundings they are in.