CAM Plant-This Cholla Cactus is an example of a CAM Plant. It uses the CAM to adapt to arid conditions. CO2 is converted to Oganic Acids, then

Radial Symmetry- This starfish from the Dallas World Aquarium has radial symmerty. It can be theoretically be "cut" to produce a mirror image.

Ectotherm-This fish, also at the Dallas World Aquarium, is an example of an ectotherm. Ecotherms cannot control their body temperature, it changes depending what kind of enviornment it is in.

Gymnosperm leaf-This is the leaf of a gymnosperm. Pine trees are conifers, their leaves are one single unit, and needlelike.

Anther & Filament- The anther and filament of these flowers are visible. The anther contains the pollen sacs that release pollen to be dispersed and the filament holds the anther.