This book is getting crazy! I am so shocked that Nancy and Jerry are assigned to the case when neither of them can focus due to their other personal issues with family deaths. Anyways, the book is very suspenseful.  The fact that the strand near washington may or may not even be the Ebola Zaire is insane, and shows how easy it is for new strands to form and spread. The ease at which these breakouts occur and disperse really frighten me. At the Reston monkey house, when the virus mysteriously moved from room F to room H, I was reminded yet again of how quickly the virus can spread and how lethal it truly can be. Seeing all of the monkeys that are dying is very sad to me because I feel that they are definitely the moast human-like animal and I think they care about eachother as we care about others. I think if Dan Dalgard had not waited a week, maybe the further spreading and killing of monkey could have been prevented. I am curious as to how the press would even handle the news of a deadly virus coming to America and how the people would respond? While it is frustrating that it was all kept a secret, at the same time I know it just would have caused major panic which would only worsten the situation. I am anxious to see what happend next! 😀