The Hot zone has continued to keep my interest & creep me out. This virus is so scary and I fully believe it is a miracle that it has not spread around the world yet. At the monkey house in Reston, the author did a very good job of describing the crab monkey and how human like they were. That really opened my eyes to how closely related to humans they are, in how they are protective and you can’t cut up one monkey monkey in front of the others. This closeness changed the viral attack from being just on an animal, into an attack on a living life form with feelings. I learned that there are viruses, like SHF that are infectious only to monkeys. Why are some viruses infectious to both monkeys and humans and some only to one species? The fright of a new filovirus so close to Washington D.C. shows just how vulnerable the human race truly is. I wonder how and if the virus could be stopped if a case ever were to breakout in the United States cnsidering how densely populated the entire country is. I am excited to continue reading! Part 3 woohoo!