Bilateral symmetry is when you cut an object in 2, both sides are exactly the same. This pine tree is showing bilateral symmetry because these rules apply to the tree.

This plant happens to show radical symmetry because no matter where you cut it, it will look the same. This is a plant from my brothers front yard because nothing else seems to grow there...

You have to look very hard to see this bug but he is there. He is on this plant collecting pollen and therefore when he flies on, he will be spreading the pollen to other plant. Which makes him a pollinator!


This flower shows the pollen that the plant has. The pollen helps to populate the flower and helps for that type of flower to travel to other places by pollinators.

This is a picture of a CAM plant. This cactus closes up the stomata during the hottest part of the day so it is able to conserve the water it needs to live on in severe heat conditions.

This plant can be compatible with extreme heat. Corn is able to do this for the most part and this is taken near my uncles house.

Most C3 plants are not able handle the drought that a C4 or CAM plant can. The light and temperature needs to be moderate.