Salad dressing with Oil

Hydrophobic simply means that the substance wont mix with water. This picture displays salad dressing with Oil and the Oil is sitting on top because it wont mix with the salad dressing. Oil would also sit on top of water and refuse to mix.

Wine is an example of fermentation because fermentation is the breakdown of a sugar into acid or alcohol. Fermentation is typically used to make alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine.
This plant has a waxy coating on it’s leaves which is the cuticle layer of the plant. The cuticle layer helps the plant avoid dessication and UV radiation and chemical and biological agents.
Lilly the Begonia
Lilly the Begonia is a flowering plant that contains endosperm. Endosperm surrounds the embryo and provides nutrients to the plant around the time of fertilization.
Xylem is a transport tissue in vascular plants that transports water and nutrients from the root up. A fern is a vascular plant.


Lettuce is an example of a long day plant because it only flowers after it has been in the sun for a certain amount of time.