Seed Dispersal

This duck was eating some seeds that I had thrown out for him. When the seeds finally pass through his body, they will be dispersed and dropped off in a new place depending on where the duck is. This is a method that allows plants to spread their offspring in new pieces of territory and multiply.


CAM Plant

This cactus is known as a CAM plant due its process of night time photosynthesis. It’s is able to store carbon dioxide in its stomata in order to decrease water loss in its dry environment.


Olive Oil is considered to be a hydrophobic substance because it is unable to mix with water. It will simply remain fixed on top of the water.

Long Day Plant

Lettuce is a long day plant due to the fact that this plant will flower when exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time. This is a tactic used by the lettuce to absorb the right amount of sun in order to maintain a healthy life.

Bilateral Symmetry

My cat is an example of bilateral symmetry. If he was to be cut directly down the middle, both sides would be identical in both size and proportion.