This book has really scared me! I was shocked that they could not find the virus in Kitum Cave. I have found myself washing my hands twice before meals and I’m never going to go to Africa ever! I cannot believe that the Ebola virus was so close to breaking out in the U.S and the public was never told. What would we do? It was a good thing the lab assistant tested the monkeys for Ebola or else we would be in some real trouble. This was the most exciting part of the book for me. The fact that Ebola has gone airborne and was able to infect the monkeys in separate rooms was amazing to me! I found it very interesting that a virus could evolve so quickly and efficiently. The descriptions given to describe the precision of the diamond knife astounded me and it gave me a real idea of the actual size of a virus, which is truly amazing. I had no idea that by simply taking a whiff of a test tube full of Ebola could actually give you the chance of contracting the virus. Is it really that powerful? Why did they not go to the Slammer  after finding out?  I cannot wait to read more!