Part 2 of The Hot Zone was very suspenseful!  There were lots of hints that lead up to the ultimate realization that there was, in fact, a filovirus in America.  As soon as I read about the monkey house in Reston, and then subsquently the monkeys dying, I knew there had to be something very bad involved.  While reading, I learned how a part of a monkey can be tested for a filovirus.  I also learned how aggressive monkey can be, when feeling threatened.  They are vicious animals who will jump on the head of a person, and attack their face with sharp teeth, aiming for the eyes.  I found it interesting that both Jerry and Nancy were assigned to the Reston monkey situation.  I also found it interesting that the government tried to keep the situation very quiet.  It makes me wonder if the public will find out how serious the situation is.  I also wonder how the virus was traveling through the rooms, like it did from Room F to Room H.  I wonder if this is a brand new virus, or if it is in fact Ebola Zaire. And, will this virus be fatal to humans?  Or just monkeys?  These questions I hope to find answers to as I continue my reading.