I really enjoyed the reading on this part because it was more about stories of how the people discovered the Ebola. One day Jarhling discovered, while testing for Marbug (they always say Ebola is similar to Marbug) he found out what the monkeys that they were working with had. It was Ebola! It was crazy how everyone was freaking out , but they didn’t want to panic the world so they kept it a little bit of a secret. Even though, towards the end there was a television camera trying to catch the story. It was really fascinating to hear when they actually went to Sudan to try to find the Ebola. So far the book is getting better and better, you are starting to learn more how they discovered the Ebola, how it is spreading, and what they are trying to figure it all. An interesting thing I learned is about the disease that monkeys get which is SHF, simian hemorrhagic fever. It is harmless to humans but it can spread rapidly and generally wipe out a monkey population. I also learned that the virus can spread by air, because it killed the monkeys in one room but it traveled to another, which I thought was weird. The questions I still have is even though a few of  the people inhaled the virus, are they going to get it? Even though Ebola has been in the past, why have they not found a cure? How did the Ebola spread all they way to Washington? This is a fascinating book and I have really enjoyed reading it so far. I hope part three is even better!