The second part of The Hot Zone was equally exciting and informative.  It has definitely been written to build up the suspense for part three.  The second part of the novel also introduces a problem.  There is now a hot virus on American soil, which is a cause of great concern for both the Army and the CDC.  I still love all the detail that Richard Preston embeds into writing this book.  I also found it very interesting just how much time and resources went into assessing the problem with the sick monkeys at the monkey house.   The Army could have easily have ignored Dan Dalgard and his plea for help with the sick monkeys.  Dan Dalgard also handled the situation at the monkey house with great care, and I think it was very smart of him to turn to the Army for help assessing the problems with his monkeys.  Another part of the novel I find interesting is how various people seem to recall the events differently.  There is a definite tension between the people at the Army and the CDC.  After reading part two  I learned about the monkey virus Simian Haemorrhagic Fever or SHF.  I had no idea this virus even existed and was unaware it could be so devastating to a monkey population.  I am still anxious to see if the disease is going to spread to the human race.  How will the Army contain the disease?  Also do the monkey house workers in the hospital have Ebola or some other hot virus?