This part wasn’t quite as interesting as the first, but I still liked it. I’m finding it difficult to write this because I already read through part four so I can’t differentiate between the parts. But in part two a virus emerges in a monkey storehouse in Reston, which has ebola type symptoms. This is pretty scary, considering it isn’t in Africa, like the previous stories were, it is very close to home. I think that it is an unsafe practice to import so many primates and I don’t really see the need for it. Something that I found really fascinating about this part was the Army’s chain of command and reaction to the news of the virus. They acted very quickly and decisively, which was admirable. I didn’t know that the army was so involved in matters like disease control, I thought that duty went entirely to the CDC. I still can’t keep the characters straight, like the workers at the monkey house, I have nooo clue which is which, there are too many names introduced at once. Other than that, I liked Part two.