So I can’t decide if this books is getting more insane or more  interesting!! So much is happening that is so outrageous to me! For instance now it really creeps me out how quickly viruses can spread so and how very dangerous they can be. Like how that mysterious virus spread from room to room. Also now I realize how crucial it is when working with an unknown virus how you must be very cautious because with one little mistake or misreading, you can be in for some serious trouble. Like there is no way I would be able to enter the level  4 hot zone to check the monkeys and especially not clean the cages. Then trying to discover if the Monkey’s room did or did not contain Ebola was interesting, and how they explained how to eliminate the viruses and certian precations. I think I enjoyed the first part a little more than the second, well maybe. It just makes me wonder how many other viruses are out there and how quickly are they spreading? Is there not anything we can do to try to prevent them from spreading more?