Even though part one was far more interesting, i still enjoyed part two. It scared me when the ebola like virus broke out in the monkey house in Reston because this time it was in the US, unlike all the other outbreaks that happened in Africa. I don’t understand how we could possibly need that many monkeys imported here in the first place.  Also, i dont understand why Nancy and Jerry Jaax are assigned to this case considering all the the family issues they have been having. I think thier personal problems would interfere with their ability to get the job done. It really scares me how fast these viruses spread and when they figured out Ebola Zaire was airborne! I think Nancy and Gene should have published these findings; Gene’s inability to write well is a horrible excuse not to. I found the electron microscope and the ways they tested for viruses very interesting. I thought it was weird how the related Ebola to some simle food such as spaghetti and cheerios. You would think it would be more complex than that. Another thing I don’t get is why Geisbert and Jahrling didn’t tell someone they smelled the virus just because they didn’t want to go to the slammer. I don’t think it’s right putting the human population at risk of contracting this virus when it could easily be avoided. Overall part two was pretty good, can’t wait to find out what happens in part three!

Sorry this post is late, i was on vacation all week and just got back today!