•  A Mushroom is an example of a mycelium.
  • This is a group of people that represent a population of the world brought together for a special event.
  • Worms are hermaphrodites because they have both male and female parts. Male parts that produce sperm, female parts that produce the eggs.
  •  A hermit crab is an example of a littoral zone organism because it lives in the part near the shore of a sea
  •  Turtles are eukaryotes because it is an animal with a nucleus and has membrane bound organelles.

Part two of The Hot Zone was far less admirable. It was predictable and much less gruesome but, I found it pretty strange why American researchers where importing that many monkeys. It was pretty scary to know at a point in time there could have been an Ebola epidemic in American history, and that it could easily show up again also. There was a bit of a scare when the found out it was a type Ebola, but I guess the upside of importing those monkeys were to find a new Ebola virus.